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Real Estate Litigation Attorneys – Representing Landlords Tenants and Homeowners

Glachman & Brill, P.A. is a real estate litigation law firm specializing in all aspects of real estate litigation including landlord and tenant representation and homeowner representation in homeowners association and condominium association disputes. Since we handle both evictions and eviction defense, representing both landlords and tenants, we are well-versed in all aspects of landlord/tenants disputes and are uniquely capable of understanding the law from both sides of the courtroom.

At Glachman & Brill, P.A., we are dedicated to developing a targeted legal strategy for each client we represent. We understand that every situation is different and navigating the waters of the legal system can be challenging and frustrating, so we strive to make that process as painless as possible while achieving maximum results.

We feel that direct client interaction is paramount to a successful lawyer/client relationship, so unlike most law firms, when you call our office an attorney will answer the phone. You will speak directly with one of our attorneys, Matthew Glachman or Jordan Brill. You are not just a case number to us. You are a name and a face and we treat you accordingly.

We focus our practice in the area of Palm Beach County and Broward County Florida, however we are capable of handling cases in all of South Florida.

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Some common situations you may find yourself in which we encourage you to call us to discuss


  1. You are a landlord and need to evict your tenant due to non-payment of rent or breach of the lease agreement.
  2. You are a tenant and are facing eviction.
  3. You are a landlord and your tenant damaged your property prior to moving out and you need to keep their security deposit.
  4. You are a tenant and your landlord is refusing to return your security deposit for reasons which you feel are inappropriate.
  5. You are a landlord or a tenant and wish to enforce the terms of your lease agreement.
  6. You are a tenant and you wish to terminate your lease prior to its expiration.
  7. You are a landlord and you wish to provide notice to your tenant that he or she is in violation of the lease.
  8. You are a tenant and you wish to provide notice to your landlord that he or she is in violation of the lease.
  9. You are a tenant and your landlord is failing to maintain the rental property in a habitable condition.
  10. You are a landlord or a tenant and you have discovered mold in the rental property.
  11. You are a tenant and you feel you are being discriminated against by your landlord.
  12. You are a homeowner and you would like an attorney to interpret your HOA’s governing documents.
  13. You are a homeowner and you have a dispute with your association’s board of directors.
  14. You are a homeowner and you feel that a member of your association’s board of directors is breaching his or her fiduciary duties, misappropriating funds, or acting outside the scope of their role as a board member.
  15. You are a homeowner and you wish to contest a special assessment, fine, or claim of lien placed on your property.
  16. You are a homeowner and your property is in foreclosure.

Glowing Reviews From Our Clients

I signed a lease agreement thinking I was renting my dream home. After I moved in my dream quickly became a nightmare filled with mold, pests, unfinished repairs, and disorderly neighbors. Matt and Jordan quickly and aggressively came to my rescue. Not only were they able to get me out of my lease without penalty, they were also able to get me monetary compensation for my suffering!


- Melissa S.

I found Glachman & Brill while searching the internet for an attorney who would be willing to battle my homeowner's association. It was not easy to find an attorney who was interested, but Matt and Jordan jumped at the chance to help me. In just 3 months, they were able to hold the association accountable for its actions and obtained the exact result I desired. Money well spent.

- Peter L.