Young South Florida homeowner didn’t want to give up his foreclosed home, so he decided to take matters into his own hands. Tyler Butler, 21, tried to use a cigarette lighter to burn his home down, unsuccessfully. He then had the idea to fill a bowling ball with gun powder, add a wick, and blow his house to smithereens.

Police, responding to the resulting fire, found the lit bowling-ball-bomb before it had a chance to explode. The housing bubble has hit South Florida hard over the past decade, and many borrowers are still reeling from the effects. Delinquent borrowers have an opportunity to Strike back at the bank.

If you are facing hard times, having trouble making your mortgage payments, or if your home is in foreclosure, you don’t need to resort to a bowling-ball-bomb! Spare yourself the embarrassment. You don’t have to end up in the Gutter. You have options. Call Glachman & Brill today to find out how we can help!