Many community associations in Florida have a rule in their governing documents prohibiting owners from constructing clotheslines on their property. Certain communities feel as though visible clotheslines are an eyesore, and may decrease perceived property values.

Despite the concerns of some community associations, Florida was in fact the first state to pass a right-to-dry law, embodied in Florida Statute 163.04. F.S. 163.04 expressly prohibits the prohibition of the installation of solar collectors, clotheslines, or other energy devises based on renewable resources. This is one of several laws enacted in Florida to promote energy efficient living.

Although the community association prohibitions against clotheslines are unenforceable in Florida, your association may still place some restrictions on clothesline use. They may enforce provisions disallowing clothes to hang overnight or disallowing clotheslines to be placed in the front yard, however there cannot be an outright ban.

If you are living under the purview of a community association and you believe their governing documents may be placing restrictions upon you which are in violation of Florida law, you may be correct. Call Glachman & Brill, P.A. today to discuss the specifics of your situation. We can help!