Carrie Beatty, her husband, and their five young children, were told by their landlord that the house they were renting is in foreclosure and they must leave immediately. This is a perfect example of an ignorant landlord who is not informed of their tenants’ rights under Florida law. Renters of foreclosed homes in Florida are legally afforded 30 days’ notice before they can be forced to leave. Many landlords decide they are not required to follow the law and attempt to force their tenants out prematurely.

In this instance, the landlord went so far as to send a repair man to the unit to strip the air conditioning unit of parts, in an attempt to drive the tenants out. Mrs. Beatty and her family were forced to live in 89 degree temperatures, unable to even breathe comfortably in their own home. This is wrong and amounts to an illegal constructive eviction. With all of the foreclosures finishing up in Florida, tenants need to know their rights. Don’t allow yourself to be abused by your landlord and forced from your home without due process. If you are experiencing an issue similar to Mrs. Beatty and her family, call Glachman & Brill today, we will protect your rights!