Attention Florida tenants, House Bill 779 is here! On June 2nd Governor Rick Scott signed into law HB 779 (codified as s. 83.561 F.S.) which provides protections for tenants living in recently foreclosed homes. Tenants are now afforded 30 days written notice to vacate the property before they are subject to eviction. Prior to this bill being signed, tenants only enjoyed a 24 hour notice requirement.

Originally, HB 779 offered a 90 day notice requirement, however the legislature reduced it to 30 days at the last minute. Naturally, in order to gain the protection of HB 779, one must be a bona fide tenant requiring a valid lease as well as the payment of rent equivalent to the fair market value. Furthermore, the tenant may not be a relative of the foreclosed borrower. If the home you are living in is subject to foreclosure and you are unsure of your status as a tenant, give us a call today to learn more about your rights!